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Speed Breakers

Speed Breakers - During my recent coaching conversation, I just came across the word "Speed-Breakers" and immediately an analogy stuck me hard.


What is a Speed-Breaker? It is something that breaks or reduces the speed. But is it only pertaining to vehicles? No, not at all. We human beings also face Speed Breakers, but we often term them as barriers. But I differ, speed breaker is just a momentary phase that may slow down but will never stop us from reaching our ultimate destination.


We can also compare the challenges we face, the troubles we encounter, the pain we go through, in our life as a momentary phase - the Speed Breaker. It is ok to feel bad, frustrated, depressed or annoyed and it is ok to take time to cope up from the momentary phase. The time taken to regroup depends on the individual and is similar to a vehicle regaining the speed after crossing a speed breaker, but these momentary hassles do not stop us from achieving the ultimate goal.


It is important to heal after facing these speed breakers in life but the most important of all is to come back with a roar that will make you feel the best to achieve your goals.


The best thing about facing these speed breakers is that it not only teaches us something but also helps each of us to understand and make a better version of ourselves.


Speed Breakers - Never break the journey but helps us to get a perspective in becoming a better version of ourselves.

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