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Recession - Political Climate - Lay Offs - Pandemics

I would like to record my thought that has been hovering in my mind for some time. Recession - Political Climate - Lay Offs - Pandemics!!!


We are in the middle of a huge pandemic that is sweeping across the globe, and I am talking about the multiple Layoff's, Recession by various companies. During the recent weeks, we are witnessing and hearing lot of news about giant organizations laying off employees in mass number. The layoff is among people with experience, different cadres and the feeling cannot be expressed through words. Even people who are new to a companare also not being spared!


When someone shares this news with you, the first reaction that you can observe from the person is the disappointment and the timing of the news, right after a brand-new year start. Frustration, depression, annoyness are also the emotions that one exuberates and the biggest question that arises in the person's mind - Why does this happened to me?


Let me put on my coaching hat and provide my two cents.


  • Victimization - Never allow yourself to be the victim. The moment the question - Why it has happened to me - arises in our mind, we become the victim. Instead rephrase the question, WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN "FOR" ME? Just a small change makes a lot of difference. You may not get an answer immediately and the current situation may not be on your side. The layoff is dependent on various factors and varies between organizations and you have to understand that many well-performed(ing) employees were also asked to leave the company. So what does the rephrase of the question give you? It gives you the sense of awareness, calmness & clarity which are key factors that will be helping you to take the next steps.

  • Make of list of things that you would like to do.

  • Spend time with your loved ones, family, friends.

  • Put in the effort to manifest positive things, consciously.

  • Keep an eye on yourself and your thoughts which provoke the negative thinking and get yourself bounce back to the Positive Energy Zone.

  • The best and simple thing to do - Take deep breaths and relax yourself.

As a certified Life Coach, I can provide you the methods/techniques to keep yourself in the positive zone and have clear thoughts. Along with all these, you will have to invest time, effort and put on your best foot forward towards the next step.


Wish you all loads of positivity, happiness and the best in your life.


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