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Mark Vs Happiness

The board exam results are out and I can see a lot of happy faces clicking pics, posing in social pages, news related to various students who has excelled.

Today particularly, I saw many posts in my social media page, where parents are happily sharing their kids achievements!! I felt very happy to see those posts and also msg few people 1-2-1 to congratulate their kids. That's when a thought occurred. WHY? Why am I feeling so happy about this?


Is it the person who is making me feel happy? - Not really because many posts, many news and for every small msg related to this I felt happiness from the bottom of my heart. So this made me think if I am happy about the marks? Is there some belief of mine which says higher the marks scored more the success or brighter the student - Am I happy on this?

So giving it a deep thought I felt my heart and mind both telling (in-fact screaming) a BIG NO!!! So, I gave it a even deeper thought and realized its not about numbers, its not about people (just to name 1 or 2) but I felt happy for all the students and the parents, teachers, mentors, guide, friends who had walked with the student or along the student in this journey. Hats-off for the effort, the sacrifices, time, compromises, arguments, challenges/impediments/blockers faced in the journey. 

Yes the happiness is for all the students and the support system which has made them score whatever they have scored. This moment is your earning for the 2 year of hard learning (not from subject but from the life lessons). Kudos to all again! Wishing all the best to grow and achieve greater success!!!

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