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Lord Hanuman & the Johari Window

Most of us would have heard about Lord Hanuman and his stories. 


Last week, while I was attending a session and the speaker was talking about her success journey, who is an epitome of success for most of the listeners.  She was speaking about blending our Mythology in Coaching and Training.


That made my mind to start ticking/thinking, my brain was processing the information that was fed through my ears. As always, the thought came to me at the early hours between 3AM to 4AM. The scene I was visualizing is the skeptical thoughts of Lord Hanuman worrying about crossing the ocean and was discussing with Lord Rama, Lakshmana & Jambavan.


We all know that what the mythology told us about Lord Hanuman and his forgetful nature - He will not be able to remember about all of his powers until a special & important work came to him.

Now, going back to my visualization - Discussion with Lord Rama & Team, to save Seetha by crossing the ocean. At that very moment, Jambavan reminded Lord Hanuman about his power to fly and reassured him that he is both capable and strong enough to cross the ocean and it could only be done by the one and only Lord Hanuman.


Now, what did this visualization mean to me? Immediately it reminded me of Johari's Window where Not known to Self yet Known to Others (Blind Spot).


Every Leader, Mentor, Coach or a Trainer is a Jambavan in nature - Uncovers the blind spot of an individual!


My heartfelt gratitude to all the "Jambavan" that I have met in my journey who helped me to uncover/unlearn and to move forward in the direction of reaching the goal and the best possible things in this journey!

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