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INTROSPECTION - What, Why & How?


Introspection - Examination or observation of one's own mental & emotional process (Dictionary meaning)


We may have heard all these chants or mantras or sayings, "Change starts from you" "Be the Change" "You are your best judge" and so on, but take a minute to pause and answer to this - Are these mere sayings or is it practically correct statements? I say that all the above statements are true.




There is no denying that a 3rd eye view is useful and helpful to review and get feedforwards. However, it is not always that we need the help of the 3rd eye. I have been taught, of-course by my dad, to do a self-analyzation whenever I commit a mistake, as part of my upbringing. This lesson has made me to understand myself, make my actions speak better as well as empathize & understand about others, in a more constructive or assertive way.


I don't say myself to be a "Yes" master - nodding "Yes" for things around me. If there is someone speaking to me, I make use of my best weapon - self-analysis - to understand whether I should listen and consider, moving forward or just an external noise.


Our day-to-day life is filled with different emotions and there are many moments in which we will reflect them. Agitation, happiness, sadness, guilt feel - examples of mixed emotions, when we hear comments coming from different people around ourself. It's absolutely correct to feel such different types of emotions and the best part of Introspection is there is no Right or Wrong!!!



Take a pause or a deep breath, whichever suits or makes you comfortable, in between discussions or whenever you start to feel the above said mixed emotions. After the pause, you will realize that you have opened yourself to a fresh perspective and when you recall everything, you will be able to see or hear it with a different mindset.


Later hit the Rewind Button for that moment, acknowledge the emotions that came to you and finally zero down the trigger point for such kind of feeling. Question yourself, what could have you done differently? Is there anything for you to change? Does your action create any impact for you or anyone around you? Will you be comfortable to face similar reaction from others?


Once you get the answers to these questions, you will find your path.


If you are not sure to question yourself, then it's time to throw your hands in the air and ask for HELP!!! When you ask for help, it never means that you are short of knowledge. In fact, you cannot be the jack of all trades!!! Go ahead and find the right person with whom you can be honest and most importantly take their feedback in a constructive way and make that person as your 3rd EYE.


If you have read till now, you would have understood that the word Introspection was coined to my thought process by my father who made me self-analyze my actions and come back stronger. Most importantly, I understood the essence and benefited from the outcome!!


A simple example of Introspection - Writing a Journal, which will help me realize and understand or to put in simple terms INTROSPECT myself!!!

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