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Image Makeover in 3 Steps

Discovery Phase


Analysis Phase


Recommendation Phase


More about Image Consulting

Image Consulting
  • Image Consulting can be beneficial for people who want to make a good impression in professional or social settings, such as job interviews, networking events, or dating.

  • Image consultants can provide advice on clothing, grooming, body language, and other aspects of personal appearance.

  • They can also help clients develop their personal brand and communicate it effectively to others.

  • Image consultants also offer services such as Wardrobe Styling and Closet Organization.

  • Image consultants work with clients to identify their goals and develop a strategy to achieve them, through a one-on-one coaching or training.

  • The goal of image consulting is to help clients project confidence, professionalism and success through their appearance & personal brand.

  • Image consultants can guide or train you to present yourself & dress appropriately for the role & the occasion.

  • Being confident will also result in reducing the stress & anxiety level of an individual.

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