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Mother, Mom, Amma, Mathaji, Maa – Languages differ but it all depicts the most powerful woman – MOTHER. Let me take this moment to salute and thank each and every men and kid who have served as the backbone and pillar of support & strength in making each women – A successful Mother!!

This is a special post and it is not because of the Mother’s Day or the post is about Mother. The spark that ignited my desire to write this post comes from one of the LinkedIn posts. The post was from a gentleman who was wishing his life partner, on her re-joining to work after becoming a first-time mother. You may wonder why is the post so powerful. After reading the post, there were 2 lightning thoughts that plundered deep into my mind

  • The nature of the gentleman who is supporting the new mother to come out of the maternal duties and resume her passion.

  • Stereotypical Surrounding – Made me very uncomfortable as this is something that has been eroding my mind for a very long time.

We are in the century, where food, medicines & groceries are being delivered within 10 minutes and people are using apps to measure how much time we sleep and set alarms to drink water. Yes, it’s the 21st century but still we as humans are facing numerous stereotypical and biased behaviors by other human beings!!! I am speaking on behalf of not only the women but also every other gender, age group, who are being questioned, commented and few of them are being abused as well.


Let me list down few of the generic stereo typical situations that we may have faced in our own strides of life.

  • Why do you want to join the course and spend your weekend in that? You have a family and it is your duty to take care of them

  • Being a woman, is it not appropriate to upskill oneself? I am not deteriorating in my others duties but in parallel I am putting my foot forward to improve myself. Is it a mistake?

  • Why are you stepping into the kitchen? It is not your duty to cook. You have to make sure your family is protected – This is for the men.

  • As a man, why can’t they be supportive in doing the chores and stepping into the kitchen?

  • Overheard a conversation – “Being a mother, she is leaving work early”

  • Does is really matter where the “mother” works, either at work or home, as long as the work is completed?

And I could be able to list down numerous other conversations, scenarios, situations where either the mother or father, is being commented by the biased community.


My answer to all – It does not matter whether you are a mother, father, married, unmarried, single mom or a single dad, just treat all these comments, gazes, questions from the society as EXTERNAL NOISE. Do not let the EXTERNAL NOISE affect or impact you.


You are neither violating or stepping out of your duties nor taking things for granted. You are what you are and you have to be confident in yourself. Never Self-Doubt yourself. Just remember, no one is perfect and there is no way you can make everyone happy every time.


Keep doing the best & being the best. We, as human beings, learn and keep growing along this journey of life. Each of us face different situations and deal with different people throughout our journey. You are the best judge of yourself and the decisions that you take should be taken without doubting yourself.


Wishing every mother, a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. Wishing all men who are supporting their partners in fulfilling their role – a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY & finally my special wishes to the EXTERNAL NOISES, without whom, we can’t become the stronger and better people we are now and grow in life.


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