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Me - Time

The moment you hear the term "Me - Time", your mind would immediately answer, the time for myself is Me - Time!!!


Yes, that is partially correct. Me - Time is spending time by yourself. But that doesn't give the complete correct answer.


"Me - Time" is spending time by yourself in doing something that you enjoy the most!!!


One can spend the time by just sitting and gazing into open space. If that is what the individual likes, then that is the Me-Time for that individual.


Time & again, you might have heard that Me-Time is only for either guys or for the opposite gender, who are spending numerous hours at work. Me-Time is not bound by the gender and also it is not age restricted. Anyone can enjoy the Me-Time.


Now, we know what is Me-Time, the next step is Why Me-Time?

During Me-Time, you are doing something that you enjoy the most and that helps you to relax and rejuvenate yourself in-between the busy schedule.

By re-energizing and re-vitalizing yourself, you will have better control over your emotions.

Me-Time is similar to a system restart in-between the rigorous schedule that you have in a day. Of course, the restart here is done systematically rather than a force restart!!!


Is Me-Time, a buzz word?

Have you seen your grandparents, parents spend time in gardening or playing a board game or simply sitting & reading a book apart from their regular routine? That is the Me-Time and it is not something that is new to us but it is something that we as individuals should start to follow at this DIGISY (digital-busy) age.


How will Me-Time help ME?

If you have read till now, you clearly would have understood the first major benefit of Me-Time - Stress Buster. It helps you to relax, unwind yourself and makes you stress free!!! By restarting yourself, your productivity will increase and obviously it will improve the Work-Life balance as well. It gives time for you to introspect and get a better understanding of yourself. Another important aspect is that Me-Time reduces and avoids the negative self talk which acts as a major barrier for the betterment of you.


Finally, I would say that by spending Me-Time, relationship gets better, which is the need of the hour for each and every one of us.


Once again, Me-Time is spending time by yourself doing something that you love to do, enjoy the most and feel the happiest!!!


Happy Me-Time Folks!!!

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